Our Vision:
We are a cultural cornerstone enriching community and artistic life in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Our work resonates beyond the stage.

Our Mission:
Shakespeare by the Sea Festival is a long-standing community-based charitable organization that produces and promotes artistic work with a focus on Shakespeare to audiences in NL. We unite seasoned and developing talent, and set a standard of excellence for all our endeavours.

Our Mandate:
Shakespeare by the Sea seeks to serve our community in two important ways:

   ·   We present high-quality site-specific theatre to enrich life for locals and tourists alike;

   ·   We give back to the company members who make these shows possible by providing them with artistic mentorship, personal growth, and networking   

This has long term benefits for the local arts industry and the entire community when we develop emerging artists and engaged citizens. These two pillars create a mutually sustaining cycle.

Our Core Value: 
All hands to the pump!

Our Other Values:
Mentorship and Development
Pride of Place
Artistic Inspiration